Terms & Conditions:

  • All sales are final. No cancellations or changes to the order/s will be accepted.
  • To ensure the customer receives a new high quality genuine product the item ordered will be shipped directly from Hong Kong. 
  • The shipment will be received by the customer on or before 20 days of the date of order. (usually its 10-14 days)
  • The product you buy is guaranteed to be 18k real gold plated. We guarantee the plating will last over a period of 1 year from the day of purchase. This guarantee is void if the "Usage and Care" directions are not followed. However if the plating does fade on or before a period of 12 months from the date of purchase we will evaluate it and replace your item on the sole discretion of www.magicjewelry.in.
  • If the style you ordered is not available or its out of stock www.magicjewelry.in reserves the right to send another design of your choice.
  • Its against copy right law to use any products purchased at www.majicjewelry.in to be used to make copies of a style.